The night before our trip to Angthong, its late at night and i’m trying to get some sleep. But I feel like i might have a few new bug bites. So I scratch them a bit and try to back to sleep. After about an hour of this I become convinced that there is either some really jerky bug that continues to bite me repeatedly (which seems unlikely) or there is something else going on. I get up to look at my feet and they are a bit swollen and the veins are massively full and well above the surrounding skin. Some benadryl helps calm this down while I wonder what is going on. My best guess is that it was the dragon fruit that I ate about 12 hours ago. It is in the kiwi family and that was one of the fruits i’ve been minorly allergic to for much of my life. But its actually pretty mild and a lot larger than a kiwi, so i ate an entire one without feeling any symptoms. Something I won’t be doing again, such a beautiful fruit, but such an itchy night.

Around 6 am, i’m finally able to get a bit of sleep. Which while not the worst timing, isn’t particularly great because our alarm is set for 6:30 to get ready for our trip to Angthong. The good news is that the itching subsides and i’m able to enjoy the trip.


This place looks like the cover our guide book. It is a beautiful combination of limestone and water. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

Here is where kayaked and swam in the morning:

water and rock

A lagoon we hiked to: water and rock

Viewpoint from the lagoon back to the ocean: water and rock

Beach on the lagoon island: water and rock

The temperature was quite a bit lower out at sea or perhaps the breeze just made it feel that way. But either way, it was nice because we were quite concerned about the risk of heat exhaustion and while certainly tired at the end of the day, were not too much the worse for wear. We did sleep for about 13 hours that night, probably the deepest sleep i’ve had in Thailand.