Greatly enjoyed reading the Name of the Wind. Many times fantasy novels are so epic in scope that things can get confusing and muddled. Rather than following a huge cast of characters, this book focuses on the story of a single one.

  • Interesting Magic
  • A bit too teenage boy angsty for me
  • Main character is a narcisist’s narcisist, so that could be off putting
  • Looking forward to reading the next one

Just started Seveneves by Neal Stephenson which is off to a tremendoust start. Only an abysmal turn for the worst would make me unlikely to recommend this.

Considering getting: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing by Manning and Schuetze (any recommendations for / cautions against or preferred resources for getting up to speed on NLP?)

I had thought that I was only going to read fiction on the trip, but that clearly was a miscalculation and one that i’m happy for.